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Juguetes para gato

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Also known as the common cat, they are adorable, but like everything in life, they have their good things and their bad things… well… maybe not so good hehehehe….

The good things we just have to limit ourselves to enjoy them, there is nothing better than settling down with your michi after coming home from work and having a good nap.

But what about the bad ones, for example when he starts biting and scratching you, it’s very painful and frustrating, but there is no solution…

Let's take it one step at a time... First, why?

Why does my cat bite me? This is the question that anyone who has lived with a cat has asked themselves at some time, and the truth is that there may be several reasons, among them is the possibility that it is simply because they want to, cats are very spontaneous animals, they are the kings of the house and that’s it.

But apart from that, there are other more common reasons, which we will mention below…

Juguetes para gatos GamingCat

You are annoying him...

Juguetes para gato GamingCat
Juguetes para gatos GamingCat

Maybe you’re going too far or you’ve just approached him at the wrong time and he’s given you a good bite, they also need their privacy sometimes, cats have a lot of personality.

That’s one of the reasons they may bite or scratch you and although sometimes it may seem like it’s been unannounced, through their body language they’ve given you plenty of warning.

Juguetes para gatos GamingCat

Don't bother me pathetic human...

You're taking him to a place he doesn't like...

Juguetes para gato GamingCat

Most cats don’t like to be bathed, so when they realise your intentions they will probably try to make a run for it, even if it is over your dead body.  

They don’t like the vet very much either, the idea that a stranger is going to touch them doesn’t make them very happy, in this case the best option is always a kennel.

Juguetes para gato GamingCat

You're giving him too much love...

Juguetes para gato GamingCat

Sound familiar?

Juguetes para gato GamingCat

Who are we kidding, we love to give kisses and more kisses to our hairball, we’d be there all day long, but we don’t set the limit here, you’ll get a good bite if you go too far.

Just like before, he has surely given you numerous warnings with his body language.

And finally, the most common reason...

Wants to play with you

Juguetes para gato GamingCat

This is why you recognise this image perfectly, it is the result of playing for 30 seconds with your cat, and it hurts, it hurts a lot.

He wants to play with you, because he loves you, you are his favourite toy, but in this situation our only alternative is to run away, to ignore this little demon until he stops chasing us.


Juguetes para gatos GamingCat

But those 30 seconds were worth it and you know it, playing with your cat is one of the most rewarding things there is.

Not only do you get to interact with him in a totally direct way, it’s also his favourite way to play and he gets plenty of exercise – if only, of course, you didn’t lose a limb in the process.

And that's why we offer you a solution that is convenient, cheap, durable and easy to use - in short, perfect.

GamingCat Gaming and Bathing Gloves!!!

Check them out below
Juguetes para gatos GamingCat
Juguetes para gatos GamingCat

The key is its manufacturing method, thanks to its thickness it will be impossible for your cat to get through it with nails or teeth.

They are over 50 centimetres long, protect 100% of the arm, giving you 100% peace of mind and confidence.

Juguetes para gatos GamingCat
Juguetes para gatos GamingCat

Double layered, thanks to the soft inner lining they are as comfortable and easy to handle as any other cotton gloves.

Perfect for bath time, do you have a little warrior? No matter how much he resists, the protection is total, plus the palm pattern is specially designed to make soaping easier.

But of course with full protection, no more injuries, and your cat will love them, as he can dig his nails into them without hurting himself.

You’ll be able to give your cat the best exercise it can get and you’ll contribute to lowering your cat’s stress level, it will sleep better at night… And so will you!

Don’t miss the video!!!

Play with your cat as you have always wanted to!!!

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Do you have a quick question for us? You might find the answer below

What if my cat is too big, or too small?

It doesn’t matter if your cat is very small or already in its adult age, it doesn’t matter how big its claws or teeth are.

You have full protection against bites and scratches.


How can I wash them?

You can wash them like a normal garment, just throw them in the washing machine.

They cannot be tumble dried, we recommend air drying.


Is it only for cats?

They are made to offer protection against the bite and scratch pattern of a normal cat, if your pet is not a cat but has similar sized teeth and similar sized and shaped nails, you may get a similar level of protection.

GamingCat gloves have only been tested on small, medium and large sized cats.


What about sizes?

One size fits all, they fit the hand perfectly, the sleeve is wide and long, suitable for any arm.


What is included in the price?

Everyone hates to be given a price, with some conditions and then add 2 items or even more to the price. In our shop we have a policy totally focused on the good customer experience, the price quoted above is of course the final price, with taxes and free standard shipping included. That is the price for which you will have the product at home, not a cent more.


What is the price?

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